Welcome to BRICKS – (M)eating Point Restaurant in Cluj-Napoca!

Cluj-Napoca remains a city full of history and life. Here, people know how to appreciate and respect the historical legacies. This is precisely why, for the BRICKS Restaurant and Social Club, we have chosen a space in an old building with great architectural value: The Elian Palace, built in 1891 in Secession style. The building can be found on the list of historic monuments of Cluj County. Therefore, we preserved the space’s initial characteristics, maintaining the brick arches inside the restaurant, out of the very desire to emphasize the building’s architecture.

Around us are four stately former palaces: Urania, built in 1910 by architect Géza Kappeter, is one of the representative buildings of the perception of Viennese secession in Cluj. The building is the sister-project of Vienna’s Urania; Berde is a historical and architectural monument, representative for the Belle Époque architecture in Cluj. The edifice was built as part of the modernization of the Grand Street (Nagy utca in Hungarian) in the late nineteenth century, subsequently named Franz Joseph Street (no 1, Horea Street, nowadays); Babos is another historical and architectural monument, representative of the Belle Époque architecture in Cluj. This palace was built on the corner of the northern side of Széchenyi Square, now Mihai Viteazul Square and the bridge over the Somesul Mic River; Szeky is a neo-Gothic building raised on the Somes riverbank in Cluj in 1893 by pharmacist and professor Tibor Széki. The building is the work of architect Samu Pecz (1854-1922). The address of the palace is now 37, King Ferdinand Street.

Their presence helps us create at BRICKS a unique and welcoming atmosphere!

See you at BRICKS – (M)eating Point Restaurant!